Artistic Resumé

Dorothée Rabsch (née Burkert) studied in Detmold and Stuttgart with Prof. Berthold Schmid and Prof J. Hamari. She was invited by Prof. Irwin Gage to join the "Song" Masterclass at the Conservatory in Zurich. Her participation was enabled by a 2 year grant that she received from the German Academic Exchange Association (DAAD).

Dorothée Rabsch continued to advance her studies by learning with Prof. Beata Heuer-Christen (Freiburg), Grace Bumbry (Salzburg) and Prof. Rudolf Pernay (Mannheim/London).

Early on in her career she already gathered on-stage experience by working with the directors Ernst Pottgen and Beat Wyrsch. She first participated in many festivals such as the "Junge Kammeroper" in Cologne (Magic Flute, 2nd lady), the Emsland Operatic Festival ("Die Welt auf dem Monde", Ernesto) and the Festival of the "Stuttgarter Orchesterfreunde" (Hänsel und Gretel, Hänsel). From 2002 to 2006 she was a permanent ensemble member of the Detmold Regional Theatre where she was to be seen and heard as i.a., Dorabella, Nancy, Hänsel and Donna Elvira.

Dorothée Rabsch also made guest appearances in i.a. Chur (Graubünden, Switzerland) and in the combined theatres of Krefeld and Mönchengladbach.

Dorothée Rabsch is sponsored by the Richard Wagner fund, the Steigenberger Foundation in Baden-Baden, the Westphalia academy for Performing Arts and Music in Ruhr-Lippe and of the German Academic Exchange Association (DAAD).

She performed in various festivals such as the Schleswig-Holstein Festival, MM99 and Musica Sacra Paderborn.

Dorothée Rabsch was a finalist and winner of many song contests i.a.
German national contest, German Music Academy contest, Enrico Caruso Prize in Milan, Belcanto Prize Contest in Zurich, and the North Rhein Westphalia regional contest. In Spring 2007 she released her first CD "Traum der eignen Tage" containing songs by Carl Loewe, Johanna Kinkel and Clara and Robert Schumann.

Aside from her on-stage performances, Dorothée Rabsch has always had the need to teach pupils and students how to discover the true potential of their voices. She taught at the Domsingschule (Cathedral choral school) in Paderborn; she was responsible for song/speech training in the Archbishopric of Paderborn. She also taught at the Institute for Music of the University of Osnabrück and at the College of Music in Detmold.

Since the academic year 2009/2010 she is privileged to occupy a position at lecturer at the College for Catholic Church Music and Musical Pedagogy in Regensburg.

Dorothée Rabsch lives with her husband and two kids in Regensburg.